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Christ’s Mass

I’ve heard it said that “Merry Xmas” takes Christ out of Christmas, an assumption that may be based on X being the mathematical symbol of the unknown. After discovery, X rays got their name for being a type of energy previously unknown in the scientific community. Also, some African-American members of the Nation of Islam…

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Department of Corruption

Most prisons I know of have a kitchen infested with roaches and mice. I particularly detest rodents for their constant gnawing to grind down their teeth that never quit growing (unless they’re outdoor rodents, such as squirrels). I didn’t know what to do about the mice, but when I worked in food service in one…

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Admitting Defeat

Some people have a hard time admitting defeat. The unethical inventor Thomas Edison certainly comes to mind. Power plants using his direct current (DC) could transmit electricity locally, but it was uneconomical to transmit it over long distances. Then along came Nikola Tesla, who introduced his far-superior system of alternating current (AC). Not wanting to…

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