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Killing Babies

In the fifth century B.C. soldiers in the Greek city-state of Sparta checked on newborn babies to see if they looked healthy. Only the strong were valued in their warrior society, so they took unhealthy babies to a mountainside where they were left to die. Horrible, right? What if they “humanely” killed the babies by…

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Celestial Signs

Meteors, also called shooting stars, are common enough to be seen every night. Most meteoroids are no bigger than grains of sand, yet Earth travels so fast through its orbit that when they enter our atmosphere, the compressed air in front of them heats up and glows bright enough to be seen from the ground.…

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New Year’s

I wonder how many people were killed this morning by a drunk driver.  I also wonder how many people quit celebrating the New Year because it’s the anniversary of loved one’s death caused by a drunk driver.  I doubt they feel like yelling, “Happy New Year!”  Not when it reminds them of a tragedy caused…

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