Controlling the Masses

It really frustrates me that some Americans, myself included, are asked if we would rather live in China or some other awful country when complaining about our government’s corruption. I doubt the Chinese also try to downplay their country’s corruption by comparing it to one that’s more corrupt than their own. Surely the ones who criticize their government aren’t asked, “Would you rather live in North Korea?” To answer the obvious, no, I would not want to live in China. For one, it has nothing like America’s Fourth Amendment that requires warrants for searches. Most Americans (rightly) consider it tyranny that citizens of China and some other countries can be spied on by their officials without some sort of legal process. Strange this is, many of those same Americans will say it’s for our own good when that sort of tyranny is practiced in our own country.

Following 9/11 America got that nasty piece of legislation called the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act (USA PATRIOT Act). This unconstitutional bill gave our government the authority to perform searches without first getting a warrant, all in the name of keeping us safe. Now let’s rewind history to Nazi Germany. Eerily similar to the Patriot Act, Hitler’s Enabling Act allowed his country’s officials to tap phones and search property without a warrant. And like the Patriot Act, rival political parties came together to pass it for fear of terrorism and called the bill’s opponents unpatriotic. While it’s doubtful America will ever have a president near as bad as Hitler, that kind of authority can be abused here as well. Don’t forget that thugs working for President Nixon illegally spied on political enemies, or that the FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover used his power to do the same. I’m not against giving our government tools to keep us safe. What I’m against is giving our government the power to spy on anyone and everyone without having checks and balances.

Fear is a great tool for tyrants to violate the rights of the population they govern, and even if all of America’s current officials could be trusted with expanded powers, who’s to say crooked officials won’t take their place? Few Americans know that Hitler took advantage of expanded powers put in place by trustworthy German lawmakers, ones who opposed Hitler, before he took control of the country. Something similar could happen in any country. The new powers might also be handed over to the United Nations. Although a lot of good people work for the U.N., the organization as a whole is corrupt and shouldn’t be trusted. More importantly, the U.N.’s last secretary-general will almost certainly be the Antichrist, who will be given authority “over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations” (Rev. 13:7). Will a common enemy like ISIS scare people into giving this global government control of their lives? What if that control was so extensive that no matter where they live, this government will have a record of all of their financial transactions and always have the ability to seize their money? That time is coming, a time when digital money will completely replace physical money.

Times are changing and so are currencies, which have had no significant change before the 20th century. Dating back to biblical times, a shekel has been a unit of both weight and money, with silver being the main currency back then (Jer. 32:9). The British pound is also a unit of both weight and money (240 silver pennies weighed one pound). For convenience, valuable metals were made into small disks with their weight imprinted on them and, eventually, were imprinted with images to show that they were legitimate. After people started shaving off some of the valuable metal along the edges of coins, Issac Newton, while working for the British Mint, solved the problem with his idea to put ridges along their edges. (The U.S. Mint adopted the practice for dimes, quarters and half-dollars, because unlike pennies and nickels, they originally contained silver.) A solution for another monetary problem, counterfeiting, would be replacing physical money with digital money. It’s also seen as a way to prevent crimes such as tax evasion and money laundering.

Besides preventing certain crimes, digital money has created new crimes that include identity theft and illegal purchases over the Internet with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Bitcoins were used on the criminal website Silk Road, where illegal drugs were sold. This same global, digital currency is now accepted by thousands of legitimate businesses. Whether or not bitcoin will be the single digital currency of the future isn’t something I know. What I do know is whatever that currency is, the ultimate solution to combatting illegal financial transactions will be to eliminate anonymity altogether by giving everyone a single number as a means of identification, with each number having a single bank account. 2,000 years ago the apostle John said this time would come (Rev. 13:16-18).

It won’t be long until a world tyrant with a vast database of information takes control of people’s lives in a way that was unimaginable in times past. Gone are the days when people can trade in their paper money for the same value in gold, which eventually replaced silver as the international monetary metal. (My own currency, the dollar, went off and on the gold standard up until 1971 when President Nixon abolished it for good.) Money these days has value only because some authority says it does, and once that money is completely digitized, we’ll be at the mercy of a government that records every financial transaction. Preventing the transfer of money to terrorist organizations is one of the good things that can come from implementing a cashless society, but the cons by far outweigh the pros. I don’t want to be in a surveillance state where my every purchase is recorded and can be scrutinized. As frightening as that is, the system in progress goes beyond that. The numbers assigned to people will be used to identify them when they go to certain areas, thereby tracking their movements even when they aren’t buying anything.

Countries around the world are issuing national identity cards to their citizens that place great restrictions on privacy. In the United States it’s the REAL ID that is supposed to replace all state driver’s licenses and will be needed to enter government buildings, board a plane or board a bus. It hasn’t yet taken full effect because it’s getting resistance, as it should. People who aren’t worried about it aren’t thinking ahead. The list of places that require this ID for entry could keep growing until it’s near impossible to live a normal life without being tracked. Then comes the scarier part when the ID becomes an implanted microchip so that people can be identified at all times. Already there are employees of various companies, such as this one, that put microchips in the hands of employees for identification and financial transactions both. Currently this is an option offered by private companies, but eventually it will be a mandate enforced by a world government.

(I want you to watch the YouTube videos below, and if you’re skeptical that what they show is leading to the Mark of Beast, please ask yourself how many skeptics from 100 years ago would still be skeptical if the things in these videos was introduced all at once. The thing with today’s skeptics is they see the changes occurring gradually, so it seems like nothing significant with each new step leading to the system described in Revelation 13:16-18.)

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