Many people these days claim the Bible doesn’t condemn homosexuality. II Timothy 4:3, 4 speak of a time like this when people won’t endure sound doctrine, but will turn their ears away from the truth and instead turn to fables to satisfy their own desires.  Leviticus 18:22 clearly calls homosexuality an abomination, yet people stubbornly say you can’t always take the Bible literally.  Others think this no longer applies to us because it’s found in the Old Testament.  They obviously don’t know it’s found in the New Testament as well (Rom. 1:26, 27).  They are also unaware that the moral laws of the Old Testament still apply today.  When the New Testament speaks of no longer having to keep the law (Rom. 6:14; 7:6; Gal .2:21; 3:13, 14, 19; 5:19), it’s in reference to nonmoral Jewish laws.  A few examples are circumcision, dietary rules and making sacrifices to atone for sin.  These laws of Judaism have been eradicated (Acts 10:9-15; I Cor. 7:19; Gal. 5:2, 3; 6:15; Col. 3:11; Heb. 9:27; 10:12, 26; 13:9).
Christians only hate sin and not sinners, but they’re still called hatemongers by many gays.  Although there are people who preach hatred in the name of God, it needs to be understood that they are not true Christians.  Christians also shouldn’t be compared to racists, as they often are. There’s nothing wrong with being of a particular race.  Furthermore, no one chooses to be the race that they are.  People do, however, choose to be gay.  Most homosexuals claim they were born gay, but the truth is that no one is born gay OR straight.  People aren’t attracted to others immediately after birth.  It’s something that begins at some point in a child’s life. Still, some argue that genes determine a person’s sexuality. According to one of many studies that conclude homosexuality is biological, a gene has been found on the X chromosome that has a major influence on sexual orientation. Yet other studies have concluded that there’s a biological link to serial killers. Research has indicated that an additional male Y chromosome or irregular levels of certain neurochemicals will induce aggression, cruelty and violence in an individual. Then there are the numerous studies that link alcoholism with genetics. Whether genetics plays a part or not, people choose to participate in all of these behaviors.
There’s nothing in the study of biology to support the notion that homosexuality is natural.  I’ve heard the preposterous claim that it must be natural if animals have been involved in this behavior.  Animals will also inbreed with their siblings, and some of them even try having sex with animals from a different species.  Does this mean it’s natural for humans to have sex with their siblings, or to have a sexual partner from a different species? The 18th chapter of Leviticus says no to all of the above. A third of the chapter condemns incest, the 22nd verse calls homosexuality an abomination, and the 23rd verse calls bestiality an abomination as well. Remember, we were made in God’s image (Gen. 1:26). Animals weren’t.
It’s sometimes said that Christians discriminate against homosexuals for “loving differently.” Gays might want to tell Christians, “You have no right to say our love for someone is perverted.” What I would like to know is why so many people who embrace homosexuality believe incest is perverted. They have no moral authority to base this on. If you have no higher power to define perversion for you, you have to be acceptable of all sexual preferences. You can’t pick and choose by your own discretion, as though you are God. In the absence of religion, you can’t say it’s wrong for parent and child, or brother and sister, to have sex with each other. Perhaps you would bring up the subject of parenting. A child’s mother might also be his grandmother or his sister. A child’s parents might also be his aunt and uncle. From a biological standpoint, this is sound reasoning. Yet similar reasoning can be applied to homosexuality. How can you say it’s abnormal for children to have the same parent and grandparent, or the same parent and sibling, and then say it’s normal for them to have two moms or two dads?
Pedophilia, like incest, is also call perverted by many of those who embrace homosexuality. They say pedophilia is a choice, but homosexuality isn’t. Evidently, they think pedophiles choose to be attracted to children. Not so. Children are naturally attracted to other children, and pedophiles never did outgrow that attraction. If you realize this and say pedophiles should control their urges, you should have no problem with Christians telling homosexuals to control their urges. Maybe you’re opposed to pedophilia because children aren’t old enough to know what sex is. You must think sex is sacred. If you believe this based on religion, you have something to go on besides opinion. But, if you take God out of the picture, who are you to say there is such a thing as inappropriate sex? If we are just highly evolved animals, how can perversion even be defined? Why can’t humans walk around naked and have sex in public the way that other animals do? Is it because your culture frowns upon it? In some cultures pedophilia is acceptable, and children voluntarily have sex with adults. If you think this is an absurd comparison, how so? What gives you the right to play God by deciding that your definition of perversion is the only correct one?
Homosexuals may not choose to be attracted to those of their sex, but they choose to act on their urges. They have a right to make that choice, and apparently, some of them think they also have a right to force others to conform to their way of life. I was watching the news one night and learned that the dating website eHarmony created a new site for gays after being threatened with a lawsuit for discrimination.  To make things more disturbing, one of the people discussing the issue said eHarmony had been practicing the same kind of discrimination as southern tenants in the past who wouldn’t rent to black people.  Homosexuals are free to rent from the same tenants as everyone else, and dating sites for heterosexuals are no more discrimination than dating sites that are exclusively for homosexuals. 
Gay-rights activists usually have little respect for the rights of others.  Private organizations, such as the Boy Scouts, are threatened with legal action for not accepting homosexuals.  I find that to be a bit extreme considering public schools have received little to no objection for firing teachers after learning they had been in a pornographic film. It’s amazing that a publically funded organization can exclude someone for morally offense behavior without an outcry, while privately funded organizations are accused of bigotry for excluding those who practice another kind of morally offensive behavior.  I’m sure there are plenty of privately funded organizations that would bar me from joining on the grounds that I’m a Christian, and I’m okay with that.  What I’m NOT okay with is homosexuals thinking they have a right to pollute the values of others.
One of the biggest issues of this subject is same-sex marriage.  I’m against its legality, and not just because it goes against the Bible.  If the Bible were the only reason for my objection to gay marriage, I would also be writing about why premarital sex and the very act of homosexuality should be illegal.  But I don’t think either should be a crime. (In Old Testament times, these and a number of other sins carried the death penalty for the Israelites in order to preserve their covenant with God [Lev. 10:6, 7; Deut. 17:2-7; 22:20-22]. However, we are not Israelites in Old Testament times, and there’s no Scripture that requires any government today to base its laws strictly on the Bible.) For thousands of years marriage in almost any culture has been defined as the joining of one man and one woman.  Gays are trying to redefine marriage, and allowing same-sex marriage is much like allowing polygamy.  There is no law against having multiple sexual partners, but this doesn’t mean someone should be allowed to marry multiple partners.  Likewise, same-sex partners shouldn’t be allowed to marry.
It’s often proclaimed that a ban on same-sex marriage is no different than not allowing people of different races to marry one another. If you played with Legos as a kid, you should know what an absurd statement this is. Legos come in many different colors, but color doesn’t determine what fits together. They were designed to be joined in a particular way, just as our bodies were designed to be joined with another human body in a particular way. Two people of the opposite sex can procreate regardless of anyone’s skin color. The same can’t be said of a gay couple. You have to be very ignorant of biology to think homosexuality is natural.
I’d like to end this by reminding you that hating homosexuality isn’t the same thing as hating homosexuals.  I also hate alcoholism, but I don’t hate alcoholics.  A lot of people don’t seem to understand this.  Some of them actually want it to be a “hate” crime to publically say homosexuality is wrong.  Christians deserve to have the same freedom of speech and expression as they have.  Homosexuals certainly take advantage of their freedom to openly despise Christianity.  Many gay clubs, for instance, feature a display of Jesus being sodomized.  Gay-rights advocates seem to have no problem with this or any of the other vulgar displays of hatred for Christianity, yet they’ll label peaceful protests by Christians as hate speech.