In the Name of Religion

A lot of violence has been committed in the name of religion, but nearly all of it comes from radical Islam. In spite of this, there are atheists who say the Bible causes violence. If they think bringing an end to Christianity would do a lot of good, they should think about all of the charities and rehabilitation facilities that would be shut down. They ignore all of the good things there are because of Christianity, and they focus on isolated incidents to argue that it must be done away with. I could use this same kind of reasoning to try stopping the production and use of automobiles. Show me a recent story in the news about someone being killed because of Christianity (if you can find one), and I’ll find you a multitude of stories about traffic fatalities from just yesterday. Then you can join me in a protest against automobiles. Or, if it’s intentional killing you’re worried about, let’s get together and try putting an end to life insurance. All of the people it helps does not change the fact that it causes murder for money.

Those who blame the Bible for violence seem to enjoy bringing up the Catholic military operations called the Crusades, which were attempts to regain control over Palestine, and to protect the Byzantine (East Roman) Empire from Muslims. Palestine was conquered by Arab Muslims in the seventh century, and then by Turkish Muslims in the eleventh century, who had also taken away the Byzantine Empire’s control of Syria and Asia Minor (now Turkey). So the crusaders carried out eight major military missions between 1096 and 1270. Their enemy was at first a Muslim ruler or region, but their definition of an enemy eventually broadened to include other Muslims, Jews, and anyone deemed to threaten the authority of the Church. Rival popes were even at war with each other, so members of one church were killing members of another. Atheists are right in saying the Crusades were heinous, but having to go so far back in time for a good example of violence caused by the Bible just goes to show how weak their case is.

If atheists want to talk about all of the harm religion has caused, they should also consider all of the harm that atheistic beliefs have caused. We have Charles Darwin to thank for the Holocaust. Hitler used Darwin’s theory of evolution to justify his belief in the selective breeding of the Aryan race. In his The Descent of Man, Darwin said Negro races were more closely related to apes than white people and “at some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate, and replace, the savage races throughout the world.” This racist concept motivated Hitler to try exterminating the “genetically dangerous” Jews. He also believed Croats, Czechs, Poles, Serbs, Slovaks and Slovenes were barely above animals on the evolutionary ladder. And regardless of race, Hitler had thousands of the physically and mentally handicapped killed because he thought they were biologically impure. Christians protested Hitler’s mistreatment of others, but this was risky if they were German. One German minister, Julius von Jon, was dragged from his Bible class by Nazis, beaten and put in a concentration camp.

The Bible regards children in the womb as being alive and having the right to be born (Ps. 139:13; Jer. 1:5; Luke 1:41-44). Atheists, though, don’t recognize the moral authority of the Bible. Morality for them is based on personal opinion. Some of them acknowledge that abortion is murder and are opposed to it. Unfortunately, the rest of them support a woman’s “right” to kill her child. It doesn’t matter if the fetus has brain activity. They don’t consider an unconscious fetus to be living. No one is conscious while sleeping either, but does this justify killing people in their sleep? Another excuse used to justify abortion is that fewer children will have to grow up in an orphanage and have a terrible childhood. With this kind of thinking, you might as well go to an orphanage and start killing children as they sleep. Why bother asking them if they regret being born? Abortionists ignore what the Bible says about the sanctity of life and see nothing wrong with destroying it. How anyone can support abortion and then say the Bible is responsible for taking innocent lives is beyond me.

Believe it or not, it angers me when atheists are accused of using their unbelief as an excuse to do whatever they want to at the expense of others. They don’t deserve this slanderous condemnation. A great number of them have moral views that are very close to those held by Christians. What they lack is a set of absolute morals to live by, so there is a lot of disagreement between them on what’s acceptable and what’s not. I wonder how many of them have thought about how things would be if everyone lived by the morals of the Bible. Everyone would have sex only after marriage and be faithful to their spouse, thereby eliminating sexually transmitted diseases. Everyone would also treat others the way they would want to be treated themselves. And crime would cease to exist. Would the world really be a better place without Christianity?

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