Welcome to my Christian database. I’m a former Satanist with a fervent desire to make amends for my past. Some Satanists are actually atheists who preach a doctrine of living for right now. Others are Devil-worshippers. I was neither. I simply hated God and thought of Satan as a misunderstood angel who was justified in challenging his Creator’s authority. I sincerely believed God was cruel and unloving. Then I gradually changed my thinking as I learned that all of my objections to Christianity were flawed. I eventually returned to the church I left as a teenager, but I didn’t have the willpower to fully commit to God. Only after going to prison did I get completely serious about turning my life around, and I’m now devoted to spreading the truth of the Bible.

Unless otherwise stated, all biblical quotes here are from the King James Version, which can be accessed online at KingJamesBibleOnline.org. I modified some of my quotes from this 1611 version by adding quotation marks, capitalizing additional words and, because I’m American, changing the spelling of the English words that were changed by the lexicographer Noah Webster (1758-1843). His desire for distinction from the British is why Americans spell “honour” as “honor,” “centre” as “center,” and so on. So there you have it. I hope everything here is easy for you to understand.