A Global Reach

Developed in 1969 as a communications network by the U.S. military for security purposes, the Internet today has multiple uses and I’m taking full advantage of that. With communications satellites in orbit and the World Wide Web at my fingertips, I have the potential to make a powerful impact on this world. It’s so liberating to know that a radio signal from my computer can be sent to the nearest satellite, and then to another satellite and another before being sent back down to another part of the Globe.

Currently all the content on my website is in English, but fortunately it’s the world’s international language for communication, as Greek was in the Roman world where the New Testament was written. English is almost always used for meetings between citizens of different countries with different languages. It also unifies the citizens of multilingual countries such as Nigeria, where over 250 languages are spoken. Schools there teach in English because it’s the one language all the students understand. Of course, not everyone knows English, so I’d like to one day have my writings translated into other languages.

The message I’m presenting here involves the most important issue for everyone in the world: where they will spend eternity. So I’m asking my readers to please help me by telling others about my website. And don’t stop there. Start a Bible study or a blog of your own. Time is of the essence. Someone you know could die tomorrow. Maybe you know a Satanist who you believe would never become a Christian. Don’t be so sure of it. When I was a Satanist myself, I would’ve said you were out of your mind had you told me there was a chance I would ever be a Christian. I never would have believed it, but here I am defending the Bible all these years later. I’m telling you, there’s still hope for every living person.

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