Creation vs. Evolution

Piltdown Man, a so-called link between apes and humans, was “discovered” in 1912 and then revealed as a hoax in 1953. The cranium was human, and the jaw and teeth came from an orangutan, with the teeth being filed down to look human. That it took four full decades for this fraud to be exposed confirms to me that secular scientists see only what they want to see. They clearly didn’t spend much time studying Piltdown Man, or maybe there were evolutionists who knew it was a fake and said nothing. Neanderthal Man is another bogus missing link that evolutionists are still talking about. Neanderthals were just humans with bone ailments. Most of them were found in caves, hence they’re called cavemen. What evolutionists are overlooking is people living in caves are far more likely to have bone ailments. They would have been deprived of sunlight, which the body uses to form vitamin D, and vitamin D is needed for healthy bones. Bone ailments, not a relation to apes, is the reason they had abnormal skeletons.

While there’s no specimen that truly links different species, the greatest burden for evolutionists must be trying to explain life’s origin. They seem confident when proposing their theories, but in actuality they’re dumbfounded. This morning I was browsing the Web for scientific literature and found an article from Scientific American that touts evolution and criticizes creation. In it I read, “Even if life on Earth turned out to have a nonevolutionary origin (for instance, if aliens introduced the first cells billions of years ago), evolution since then would be robustly confirmed by countless microevolutionary and macroevolutionary studies.” They may not admit it, but they know something as complex as the cell was intelligently designed. The ones desperate enough to suggest aliens designed the first life-forms still aren’t explaining the origin of life (who designed these aliens?). Here are some creation videos you can watch for a better understanding of life’s complexities.

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