Killing Babies

In the fifth century B.C. soldiers in the Greek city-state of Sparta checked on newborn babies to see if they looked healthy. Only the strong were valued in their warrior society, so they took unhealthy babies to a mountainside where they were left to die. Horrible, right? What if they “humanely” killed the babies by feeding them a poison that put them to sleep indefinitely? Would that justify it? That’s the kind of justification used by abortionists who claim unborn babies don’t feel pain when they’re killed. Whereas some people put unwanted dogs and cats to sleep, they put unwanted children to sleep. And by the way, many babies do feel pain when aborted, something I’ll back up at the end of this post. I’ll also show you abortion providers admitting that babies born alive in botched abortions are left to die, much like the Spartans left babies to die by a mountainside.

On one of the occasions CNN’s Piers Morgan interviewed the controversial Congressman Ron Paul, he challenged Paul's position that a drug like heroin should be legal, and in the same interview he also challenged Paul's pro-life stance. Heroin kills many of its users, so I understand why Morgan doesn’t want it legalized. What I don’t understand is how he and so many others who want heroin to remain illegal for that reason also want the murderous practice of abortion to remain legal. Ron Paul made a great point when saying someone who kills a pregnant woman is charged with two murders, because the fetus is a life too. I’d like to add that while aborted babies have no say in what’s done to them, users are at least taking their own lives and no one else’s when they die of an overdose. (That’s excluding pregnant users, who would ironically be criticized by many abortionists for harming their unborn babies.) Maybe children using heroin is the reason for Piers Morgan and others like him wanting it to remain illegal. If so, the same value should be placed on children in the womb.

Some say abortion should be legal only for women who were impregnated by a rapist. While my heart goes out to rape victims, I can’t support creating more victims by killing innocent children. They shouldn’t be punished for what their fathers did to their mothers, especially not with the death penalty. Besides, many women who were impregnated by consensual sex could claim they were raped to get an abortion. Norma McCorvey, who used the alias Jane Roe in the Roe v. Wade case that legalized abortions in America 46 years ago today, would have used that excuse. She gave up her baby for adoption and years later, after becoming a Christian and an opponent of abortion, admitted she hadn’t been raped as she claimed. (She died February 18, 2017.)

I don't want anyone to feel guilty for not wanting children. I'm not a parent myself and I have no desire to be one. There's nothing wrong with that. But there's a big difference between not wanting a child and deciding to terminate the life of one. Babies in the womb are living humans who can hear sounds, often flinging their arms and opening their eyes in response to a loud noise. If you’re pro-choice, you may try getting around that by saying abortions should be performed much earlier in a pregnancy. Are you aware that the heart is beating just four weeks after conception? Is that still too soon, and who are we to decide when life begins? Why not admit life begins at conception? By definition, conception is the beginning of every human. A baby’s life doesn’t begin the moment he or she exits the mother, so why should it matter if living humans are killed inside or outside of the womb?

If you’re still pro-choice by this point, I’d like you to watch the six YouTube videos I’m linking to here. Videos one and two show some of the graphic horrors of abortion. Video three shows someone from Planned Parenthood struggle to answer questions about what is done with babies born alive during abortion procedures, and also hidden-camera interviews with workers in abortion clinics admitting that babies are sometimes born alive and left to die. It's a shame they weren't kept alive, as was the abortion survivor who speaks in video four. She was supposed to be left to die following her botched abortion, but some nurses with a conscience demanded she get medical care. I’m sure the former abortion providers interviewed in video five wish that would have been the case with babies from their own botched abortions. They regretfully admitted they let babies die when they were born alive. In these cases it would have been more humane for the mothers to take their babies home and shoot them in the head. At least they wouldn’t have suffered, as many babies do, even when they're killed in the womb. That’s covered in video six. And regardless of these horrific facts, where babies are killed and whether or not they feel pain shouldn't matter. Murder is murder.

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