Punishing Evil

Now in custody, an anti-Semitic man entered a Pittsburgh synagogue this morning with an assault rifle and three handguns before opening fire. As with so many mass murderers before him, our current criminal justice system won’t give him a punishment that fits the crime. While every decent person can agree they deserve punishment, how much punishment is always disputed. It’s not easy to control the side of me that wants these guys to be tortured for what they do, but I remind myself that God will eventually give them due justice. Some of them think they can escape judgment by killing themselves at the end of a shooting rampage when what they’ve really done is seal their fate and destine themselves to a judgment far worse than any they could face in this present world. And many of the ones who choose not to kill themselves and aren’t killed by police try to escape justice with an insanity defense, a defense that worked for Ronald Reagan’s attempted assassin. All because he wanted to impress a girl; in his case it was actress Jodi Foster. It wouldn’t have worked for a man who stole a car and led police on a high-speed chase to get a girl’s attention, yet it worked for a man who tried to kill the president. Regardless of his motive, he knew what he did was wrong.

Another incident that sticks out in my mind is the psychological evaluation for the man who randomly shot people in a Colorado movie theater. He was wearing a Kevlar vest, so he clearly knew he was doing something wrong. These ridiculous insanity defenses won’t work with God when He judges the wicked during the Final Judgment. When it comes to mass murderers, and serial murderers too, I wish the so-called experts would quit trying so hard to explain why these monsters choose to hurt people. While on death row, serial killer Ted Bundy said he should be studied to give insight into why serial killers kill. To me the reason is obvious. They’re evil and they enjoy it. Where are all the experts to explain why bullies hurt people? They’re not needed, because we know some people are just mean-spirited and do what they do for no other reason than they enjoy it. The only difference with people who enjoy murder is they’re more evil than bullies.

Some murderers take great pleasure in their victims’ fear, but the day will come when they will be the ones in fear of God when He judges them. Ted Bundy knew what he had coming at the end of 1988 when, after almost nine years on death row and nearing execution, he claimed to have found God. According to Special Agent William Hagmaier of the FBI’s Behaviorial Sciences Unit, Bundy had a great fear of damnation shortly before his execution and had asked what he should say to God. On his last night alive, probably in an attempt to vindicate himself, he spoke with evangelist James Dobson on video and warned against pornography. He claimed pornography led him to his violent behavior, an excuse that won’t work with God. Bundy had a normal childhood and couldn’t even try blaming his upbringing for the things he did. Some people raised in good environments choose to be bad, and some people raised in bad environments choose to be good. It all comes down to choice, and God will punish the wicked for their evil decisions. Justice will prevail in the end.

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