Standing Up For What’s Right

In my last two posts, Prison-Cop Perverts and Fighting Injustice, I heavily criticized what women are allowed to get away with in men’s prisons. Someone told me my view is biased on two counts. One is that the female psyche is different than that of males, so it’s appropriate for them to see men nude, but not vice versa. That is what’s biased. The other argument used was these officers “have to” be around nude inmates because it’s part of their job and they are taking orders. No, they do not have to do it. They have a choice to refuse that position, even if it means losing their jobs. Doing what’s right may not be easy, but that’s no excuse. Christians especially should be able to reject immoral orders. In some parts of the world Christians are ordered to renounce their faith, yet the strongest of them refuse to do so and may become martyrs. When they’re willing to lose their lives to stand up for what’s right, how pitiful is it when people don’t stand up for what’s right for fear of losing their jobs? Think about that.

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